Pastors Chad and Ashlyn Kippert

Lead Pastors

Pastor Ashlyn Kippert is a worshipper of Jesus, a wife to her best friend of 11 years, Chad, and a Mother to two Miracle Girls, Adyson(7) and Sadie(5).  She is a Teacher and Preacher of the Word, an Author, and the Associate Pastor of The Awakening Church in Indiana.  She completed her Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and her MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.  She loves date nights with her husband, Target runs with her girls, coffee talks with friends, and quiet moments reading/studying.
She founded Stepping In Ministries in January 2017 with a desire to see women free, women growing in the Word, and women pursuing their dreams and passions whether at home, work, or ministry.  Stepping In Ministries offers conferences, one day events, discipleship weekends, vision weekends for leaders, mentorship opportunities for women to live their dreams, a Titus 2 Ministry, a boutique online (coming soon!), and bible studies/books to lead women to study the Word that will forever change their life.