Activate the Church


Whether you are new to the Awakening Church or you have been apart of the family for a while, Growth Track is for you! Growth Track is a three week learning experience that connects you with the Awakening's vision while developing your God given gifts.

At the Awakening we believe, that God has given you talents , gifts & passion for a reason. You will flourish most where you are most passionate about. Which is why the Kingdom of God is so exciting . Everyone is needed and there is a place for you!
 1 Corinthians 12
Through Growth Track you will learn the house vision, and where your spiritual gift lead you into the Dream Team of your heart.

What areas are available to serve on the Dream Team?

Children’s Check-In
Children’s Infant- toddlers
Children’s PK-5th grade
Children’s Special Needs
Creative- Worship
Dream Team (admin)
Greeter/Welcome Team
Grounds/ Construction Team
Growth Track Team
Youth and Young Adults
Outreach Team

Parking Team
Security Team
Prayer/Altar Team
Small Group Leaders
Production- Online Host(Pastoral,admin)
Production- Audio (Livestream/FOH)
Creative -Video Switcher (Livestream)
Creative/ Production-
Camera/ Photography
Creative/ Production-
Propresenter (FOH)
Production- Audio (FOH)