Awakening Preschool 

God Made Me - God Loves Me - Jesus wants to be my Friend Forever

Whether you are a new guest or a regular attendee, we cannot wait to see you!  We believe in a partnership with our parents as we invest in each child and each phase of life.  Preschoolers are learning and growing everyday.  With our hands-on-learning method we want each child to feel safe, loved, seen, and cared for.   Every child is important to Jesus and important to us!  The preschool team is energetic and is ready for your ever growing preschooler!

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings 10am

Every month we have a theme in our preschool area.  Our current theme is: Love Bugs and our Memory Verse is Ephesians 3:18

Wednesday Evenings at 7pm

Wednesday evenings are a great mid-week connect and/or reconnect with you as the parent/guardian and our preschoolers.  Our cafe serves FREE meals for children and only $2 donation meal for adults every Wednesday evening.  
Join us at 6pm for a meal and 7pm for service.

Why Orange?

Orange curriculum is the best resource we have for both the parents/guardians and the children.  Take a look at what's being taught in our Preschool room!

Let's Partner Together

We want to partner with you as the parent.  
If you have any question or you just want to connect, send us a message!