Children & Student Ministries

Infant, Toddler & Preschool

Jennifer Carrell 
Here at the Awakening Church, we like to say, ‘welcome home’.  That’s not just a saying or a silly cliche, but rather the message our Heavenly Father says to us that we want to say to you and your Littles. We want the Littles who enter the Awakening Toddler and Infant rooms, to walk right in and know this is a safe, loving and fun place where they’ll be loved, cared for and taught the Word of God through play, song, teaching, creativity and art.  

As we are launching and stepping into our Building a Legacy Campaign, we hope you will be a part through prayer and offerings. We hope you will share in our vision and passion to truly build a place that Honors and exemplifies all things Jesus.  A place where our Littles and their families will be able to take a deep breath and say, I am Home.

Jennifer is the Coordinator of the Awakening Toddler and Infant rooms.  With an incredible team of people, they have a way of leading the youngest of children during our services.  During worship, the Littles are encouraged to sing and dance with scarves, bells and make quite a joyful noise to the Lord.  During teaching time the Littles are encouraged to hear and watch true stories in the Bible by one of the leading children’s ministry curriculum, Think Orange.  We believe that with the completion of our Building a Legacy campaign, we will have God honoring tools to further Christ’s mission to make disciples, even the Littlest of these. 

As a mother of two small children, Ages 3 and 1, Jennifer understands how adventurous each day can bring and how often, parents barely arrive to church put together.  While Littles are in the care of The Awakening Toddler and Infant teams, we hope parents and caregivers know, their Littles will be loved, cared for and excited to be learning about Jesus.

Our Building a Legacy Campaign for the Infant and Toddler rooms will be accomplished in three phases.  Phase One includes the redesign of the area, the addition of a bathroom and a facelift to include new paint and new carpet. 

Phase Two includes the purchase of furniture, rugs and items specific to each age. 

Phase three will include the purchase of books and art to put the finishing touches on the Infant and Toddler rooms. Phase Three also includes the outdoor play area accessible to the infant and toddlers. 

We hope you take time to pray for our campaign and find out additional ways you can help support our Building A Legacy campaign. 

k-6th grade

Jillian Fields
The vision for Pk4-5th children's ministry Legacy is to create an environment for children to feel welcome, safe and ready to learn the word of God. In this children's ministry area, we learn the word of God and how it applies to us in everyday life. We utilize Orange Curriculum for our teachings.    1} We want to make all children feel welcome! We know that each child is an individual who has individual needs. One of the goals of Legacy is to create an environment that is conducive to those needs. That includes flexible seating and places for energy to be burned off.
 2) Safe: when making each child feel welcome we also want children to feel safe. We want children that attend this ministry to know that this is their space within God's house. We want the children to be a part of creating this space through art and our current children have joined us in dreaming for these items.
3) We want this space to be ready for them to learn the word of God. We want all children to be touched by Jesus and by reworking our current space we foresee more families coming and in turn more children learning the word of God. Enhanced technology will help us with this because we are in a digital time that we may be only meeting online.  

Small Groups

Youth 7th- 12th grade
Developing relationships and community with our students is something we take very seriously.  Each small group is divided up by age and gender so that students have a safe place to go to.  In a world filled with technology, this is a place where real relationship and discipleship occurs.  

Current Schedule :
Meeting 1x a month

Weekly Small Groups are meeting

Why Orange?

Welcome to the Awakening Family Hub, where you can find out what is going on in your child or student's ministry,
how to get connected, and how to contact our staff.  If you haven't already been informed, we want to partner with you as the parent/guardian.  We get the opportunity to spend up to 4 hours with your child(ren) throughout the week. which seems very small in comparison to a total of 168 hours in a week.  With this information in hand, we want to use those 4 hours intentionally to teach, nurture, and train your child(ren).  
Find out below how we can connect throughout the week!

Parent Cue is available as an app and on any desktop.  This is an incredible resource to use throughout this partnership.  
What does Parent Cue provide?
  • Current Teaching Series from The Awakening Children's Ministry
  • Customization Parent Help with each phase of development from infant - 12th grade
  • Conversation cards for families 
  • Video's to watch together
Parent Cue brings families together!

Want to get more involved with your child throughout the week?   Download the overview of the Month for their class below.