Adult Ministries

Men's Ministry 

Pastor Greg & team 
Men's Ministry is dedicated to growing men into leaders in their homes, businesses, and church.  Men are the head of the house and we understand that when the head of the house is dedicated to Jesus Christ the family falls into place.  Men's ministry exists to build one another up as leaders, provide accountability for one another, and grow in the Word together.  

When we meet?

Men's Night Out - 1st Tuesday of Every Month  7pm

Women's Ministry

Core Team Led
Awakening Women's Ministry is one where every woman is seen.  Regardless of where you have come from or who you believe you are, we know your worth in Jesus Christ and it is great!  You always have a seat at the Table with us.  We exist to build community, to encourage one another, and to grow in the Word together.  Whether you are single, married, widowed or somewhere in between, you are seen and loved.  
Not only are you seen, but we will pull up a seat for you! 

When we meet?

The Gatherings scheduled every other month to Reconnect and Encourage one another.


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